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DENTVISOR - Computerized Diagnostically Generated Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

This innovative new software is menu driven to accommodate each and every patient in your practice. It develops risk assessment and prognosis for periodontal concerns, biomechanical parameters, functional decision making, and dentofacial alterations. It will also develop this for the entire dentition or on a tooth-by-tooth basis. It is designed to provide practitioners with the most comprehensive documentation available to date along with the ability to utilize this information in case presentation.


Dentists use their dental management systems to collect and store information regarding their patients, but little effort is made to track changes between visits.  Additionally,  we focus on making it easy to integrate your patient photography with their data.  The data and photography are combined into a customized patient-oriented powerpoint presentation.


Dentvisor was originally released as a VB6 application, and was designed to run in each dental office.  The problem was most dental offices didn't keep their systems up to date and ran into issues.

In 2009, Dentvisor switched gears and was rewritten in .NET and all data is centrally stored on ONE SERVER, somewhere on the Cloud.


Dentvisor INPUT by the patient can be run on ANYTHING capable of displaying a webpage: pcs, mac, iPad, phones, tablets, toasters, etc

Dentvisor OUTPUT (report generation) requires:

    - pc running Microsoft Office (Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013)

    - pc running Windows 7, 8.1, and soon to be 10

Dentvisor will NOT run on XP (support by Microsoft ended April 2014)

Dentvisor WILL run on a Mac IF... you use Parallels or the like (Virtualbox, Boot Camp, etc).


Dentvisor algorithms are optimized to run on Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Dentrix Users: watch which version of Adobe Reader is used on your workstation running Dentvisor!!  Dentrix MANDATES use of...

    G4: Adobe Reader 7

    G5: Adobe Reader 10

    Take it up with Dentrix, not Dentvisor!  If you exercise COMMON SENSE and update Reader (currently version 11.x as of this writing) , I recommend you save Dentvisor output as *.DOC, not *.PDF, and drag that to "Document Center."

SUMMARY: Dentrix, Eaglesoft, etc have a 'patient document center' as part of their software.  Offices commonly create the Dentvisor Medical and Dental History output (PDF) and drag it into their Dental Management patient database.  The PDF (or DOC) is now viewable on all workstations running your Dental Mangement program.

In my office, I save my docs, pdf's, patient photos in our Digital Xray software. 


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